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Crowns in One Visit!

In most cases a crown can be started and completed in one appointment. In some cases, to achieve the best esthetic look for you the patient, a crown may need to be sent to the lab (usually this occurs with the front six teeth), this then takes two appointments. …

Same Visit Crowns

Dental Savings Plan

Chances are that our new Savings Plan will save you MORE money than with your present dental insurance.
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Our Friendly Staff

Dr. Glassett has been practicing general dentistry in Salt Lake for the past 10 years. Dr. Glassett has lectured in the United States, Puerto Rico and many countries in Central America on different aspects of dentistry.

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What patients say about us

Over the last eight years my family has been seeing Dr. Glassett and his talented staff. They are always friendly, straight forward and thanks to them even my kids leave smiling. I have to say I’ve been delighted that I chose Glassett Dental.

Marissa ,Mother